Molecular HLA Diagnostics

The MR.SPOT® Prozessor together with the HISTO SPOT® SSO kits enables an automated HLA typing within 3 hours and is suitable for on-call situations. The system is very convenient for high throughput as well. Therefore, it is the ideal solution for the HLA lab.

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BAG Health Care would like to introduce a new product of the ERY SPOT® product line, the ERY SPOT® Weak D-TYPE kit. The kit is CE-certified acc. to IVDD, att. II, list A (for patient typing) and will be available in January 2018.

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You are here:Home NEW: Automated determination of HLA antibodies with the HISTO SPOT® HLA AB Screen/ ID kits

Now we can offer you a fully automated single antigen test for HLA antibody testing on the MR.SPOT® processor.

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Product news

BAG Health Care would like to introduce a new...

Product news

New: Automated analysis of HLA antibodies with the...



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