BAG history: from tradition to the modern

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BAG Health Care GmbH is a tradition-rich family company of the Sachsenberg family which was founded by Gotthard Sachsenberg in 1947. The success story began with development laboratories in the premises of the Solms Castle in the Hessian Lich.​​​​​​

Year Event
1947 Founding of the company by Gotthard Sachsenberg in the Hessian Lich, 50 km north of Frankfurt am Main with a speciality in freeze drying vaccines in cooperation with the Justus Liebig University
1965 His son Klaus Sachsenberg and wife Margaretha Sachsenberg expand the company with the fields of diagnostics and pharmaceutical production
1968 Start of industrial manufacture of nutrient media
1996 Introduction of nucleic acid based diagnostics (PCR)
2001 Dr. med. Nicolas Sachsenberg takes over management in the third generation
2004-2008 Expansion of clean rooms in the field of pharmaceutical contract production: Freeze drying capacities are increased four-fold.
2007 Relaunch of the Corporate Identity: Renaming as BAG Health Care GmbH
2009 Market introduction of the first fully automatic SSO based molecular genetic analysis system ("Mr. Spot”)
2011 Building the R&D department for the field of molecular genetic diagnostics

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