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MR.SPOT® Processor
MR.SPOT® 2.0 Processor


We can offer a completely automated solution from blood sample to result. Let us know your requirements and we will provide you with the most reasonable solution according to your needs.

Do you need sample tracking and full control of the process? MR.SPOT® 2.0 offers barcode reading of all components, liquid measuring and an integrated cycler (optional). DNA extraction and PCR setup can be included by commercially available systems.

One platform - many different applications

The platfrom can be used for many different tests. We offer the full panel of:

  • Genetic HLA-typing kits (A, B, C, DR, DQ, DP)
  • Genetic blood group typing kits (RHD, KEL, JK, FY, MNS, LU, DO, CO, DI, VEL and more)
  • HLA antibody testing based on recombinant single antigens (class I and class II)

FlexibilityThe platform is made to fit your needs, depending on your daily turnover.One run comprises between 1 and 96 tests and you have the option to start 3 runs per day with any combination of genetic HLA and blood group typing tests.Simplified workflowOur system guides you through the complete workflow with detailed step by step instructions on the touchscreen. The system is easy to use without extensive training.All components of the platform are optimized to support you:


  • The MR.SPOT® with its control panel
  • The software by its clear structure
  • The reagents with a ready-to-use configuration



MR.SPOT® and MR.SPOT® 2.0 - make your live easier

Product Information


Interpretation software for all applications:

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