The ERY SPOT® SSO System

MR.SPOT Processor

Convenient and reliable blood group typing with ERY SPOT SSO

BAG Health Care, since many years your partner in the blood transfusion field, presents a new automated molecular blood group typing: the ERY SPOT® SSO SYSTEM.

Patients recently transfused, whose red blood cell antigens are difficult to type, and transfusion dependent patients, who constantly risk immunization, can benefit from an automatic, fast and safe molecular blood group typing.
Molecular blood group typing gives an accurate answer by targeting directly the alleles that code for the RBC antigens and makes you independent of the difficult to obtain and suboptimal antisera.

Furthermore the high flexibility of the ERY SPOT® SYSTEM, which allows you to analyze from 1 to 96 samples at the time, makes the system perfect for on-demand as well as for high throughput donor typing. Pre-typing of blood donors gives you the possibility to create a donor database, increases patient´s safety and reduces your effort and your costs.

Your advantages:

  • Reliable: unambiguous results, especially in case of multi-transfused patients
  • Safe: error risks reduced by automated pipetting process
  • Simple: reduced risk of misinterpretations due to the user friendly software



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