The HISTO SPOT® HLA Antibody Detection System

The HISTO SPOT® HLA AB Screen/ID system is an in vitro diagnostic test for identification of HLA antibodies on a multiplex immunodiagnostic basis and provides high resolution antibody (Ab) identification results. It consists of the HISTO SPOT® HLA AB screening and identification kits, the HISTO SPOT® AB Reagent kit, the MR.SPOT® processor and the HISTO MATCH HLA AB module interpretation software.

The HISTO SPOT® HLA AB screening and identification kits contain test wells with immobilized HLA Class I or Class II antigens for the detection of specific anti-HLA antibodies and controls.

The HISTO SPOT® AB Reagent kit contains the reagents required for incubation and detection of bound antibodies and can be used in combination with all HISTO SPOT® HLA AB screening and identification kits.

The MR.SPOT® processor is specifically designed to be used with the HISTO SPOT® kits in order to process between 1 and 96 samples, automating the process from incubation, detection through to result interpretation.

The HISTO MATCH software is required to interpret the results.


Easy and reliable screening and/or identification

The HISTO SPOT HLA-antibody test system offers a broad panel of HLA antigens in one microtiter well:

  • Recombinant single antigens for HLA class I and HLA class II
  • Miniaturized ELISA assay with minimal sample volumes (2-5 µl serum)
  • Fully automated on the MR.SPOT ® processor with a flexible throughput (1-96 samples)
  • Optimal solution to combine screening and identification in a single test

Your Advantages

  • You get a direct antibody definition, because the test is based on recombinant single HLA antigens.
  • The test is easy and reproducible, because the user is guided by the system, and the automated workflow of the assay does not require manual intervention.
  • It simplifies existing workflows and is fast and cost efficient, because the test allows a one-step process of screening and/or identification within a single test. Several rounds of testing become unnecessary.

HISTO SPOT® HLA-Antibody Test Principle

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