Test device TOSI® for monitoring cleaning efficacy

The ready to use Tosi® test system enables you to verify the cleaning efficacy of washer-disinfectors during routine operation check.

The cleaning indicator is processed together with e.g. surgical instruments. The Indicator is provided with a test soil in order to check the removal of human blood and polysaccharides.

In case of an optimal test result a perfect cleaning of the instruments is guaranteed. In case of an inadequate test result optimications and immediate measures can be applied for each washing cycle.


BAG offers solutions that enables measuring the cleaning efficiency of washer-disinfectors loaded with the following instruments and endoscopes:

  • surgical instruments
  • cannulated instruments/ MIC instruments
  • flexibel endoscopes


Please note, that TOSI® products could not be delivered in every country by BAG Health Care GmbH, due to distribution rights.

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