Automated Analysis of HLA Antibodies


New: Automated analysis of HLA antibodies with the HISTO SPOT® HLA AB Screen/ ID kits

Now we can offer you a fully automated single antigen test for HLA antibody testing on the MR.SPOT® processor.

After manual dilution of the sera with minimal sample volume (2-5 µl / test) HLA antibodies present in the sample are bound to recombinant and native antigens in a miniaturized assay. The automation of the tests on the MR.SPOT® processor guarantees a maximum of standardization and reproducibility of results. The HISTO MATCH software suggests a cut off and offers different data export options.

If desired, the wide antigen panel and the automation also allow for direct identification of HLA antibodies without previous screening test.
We offer two separate tests for class I and class II antibodies.

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