Aseptic Filling

BAG handles aseptic filling/closing for both products in vials and ampoules. BAG can process aqueous as well as alcoholic solutions with batch sizes range from clinical quantities up to 200L for commercial purposes.

BAG Pharma Content Aseptic Filling
BAG Pharma Content Lyophilization


Production of formulated lyophilized products is a complex but fundamental process. Working with a partner experienced in the optimization of such process is essential to minimize cost, risk and timing. BAG offers decades of expertise in the aseptic production of complex, highly sensitive molecules. BAG´s experts work closely with the customer to develop the optimal process for his compound.

Analytical Testing

Our highly trained analytical quality control staff provides support for the critical transfer of analytical methods.

BAG Pharma Content Analytical Testing
BAG Pharma Content Packaging labeling

Packaging & labeling

Packaging is critical to the success of your compound, and BAG offers the experience you need to create the right package for your product. Our packaging experts work with you to create a customized solution from unlabeled bulk to final commercial packaging. We will guide you through secondary packaging considerations and develop custom-tailored solutions to help optimize your market potential.

Release and stability testing

Our highly-trained and experienced Qualified Person releases the drug product batch for the respective clinical trial or market.

BAG Pharma Content Stability Testing